Carbon Fiber 12 Row Spout Extension


Weight: 300.00 lbs
  • When using large heads the need to keep trucks away from the chopper becomes more important. This 12 row carbon fiber spout extension is what you need to get this done.
  • This light weight carbon fiber extension helps keep stress off of your spout and helps prevent spout damage while still having the rigidity of a heavier steel version.
  • Includes sturdy 70" custom steel base, with factory style mounting. All hardware included
  • Direct fit for 494+ series
  • Matches factory 12 row arch
  • Approximately 100 lbs. lighter than factory steel HD 12 extension
  • Easy and fast installation, no drilling required
  • Do not install on worn or damaged spout base
  • Use OEM style spout deflectors
  • 1 piece liner: FH5001128
  • US PATENT # 9,198,350 & 9,326,445
  • Total shipping weight with parts and pallet is 300 lbs.
Compatible models:
  • Claas® 494
  • Claas® 496
  • Claas® 497
  • Claas® 498
  • Claas® 499

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